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Iceland and Ireland Garden Cruise with Jane Edmanson

15 Nights Celebrity Reflection

Includes Flights, Hotels, Meals, Guided Sightseeing


Dublin, Cork, Belfast, Ireland; Reykjavik & Akureyri, Iceland

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The Garden Cruise to Iceland, Ireland and Shetland Islands Cruise with Jane Edmanson will be a wonderful experience cruising aboard the Celebrity Reflection. The cruise is fully escorted and includes sightseeing tours in all of the ports of call and special activities for tour members. We hope that you can join us!
10 Interior 8,9 $8,495 $11,295
9 Interior 9,10,11 $8,595 $11,155
7 Oceanview restricted 7,8 $9,495 $13,175
2C Balcony 6 $9,550 $13,240
2B Balcony 6,7 $9,595 $13,325
1C Balcony 8 $9,695 $13,545
1B Balcony 8,9 $9,795 $13,690
1A Balcony 6,7,8,9 $9,895 $13,915
C3 Balcony 9,10 $9,995 $14,015
C2 Concierge Class 9,10,11,12 $10,095 $14,280
C1 Concierge Class 9,10,11,12 $10,495 $15,015
A2 Aqua Class 11 $10,595 $15,145
A1 Aqua Class 11,12 $10,650 $15,245
S1 Suite 6,7,8,9,10,11,12 $13,995 $21,715
Included port & handling charges $602 $1,082
Included cruise gratuities $185 $185
Twin Share$8,495
Single Fare$11,295
Twin Share$8,595
Single Fare$11,155
CategoryOceanview restricted
Twin Share$9,495
Single Fare$13,175
Twin Share$9,550
Single Fare$13,240
Twin Share$9,595
Single Fare$13,325
Twin Share$9,695
Single Fare$13,545
Twin Share$9,795
Single Fare$13,690
Twin Share$9,895
Single Fare$13,915
Twin Share$9,995
Single Fare$14,015
CategoryConcierge Class
Twin Share$10,095
Single Fare$14,280
CategoryConcierge Class
Twin Share$10,495
Single Fare$15,015
CategoryAqua Class
Twin Share$10,595
Single Fare$15,145
CategoryAqua Class
Twin Share$10,650
Single Fare$15,245
Twin Share$13,995
Single Fare$21,715
Included port and handling charges
Twin Share$602
Single Fare$1,082
Included cruise gratuities
Twin Share$185
Single Fare$185


Not included in the price


Tour Operator:
Travelrite International Pty Ltd (ABN 64 005 817 078) is the tour organiser. Refection is operated by Celebrity Cruises and the Reflections fly/cruise arrangements are subject to the terms and conditions and general information detailed in the Celebrity Cruises 2019 brochure. All passengers must complete and sign a Travelrite International booking form and complete the cruise personaliser on the Celebrity website.

Deposit and Payment:
A deposit of $900 per passenger for the main tour and $400 per person for the pre-tour should be sent with a completed Travelrite International booking form that lists your requested cabin category. As soon as the booking is confirmed (usually within 24 hours) the confirmation advise sent to each client will contain all details. The client must also complete an online check-in with Celebrity Cruises. Final payments are due to be paid to Travelrite International 120 days prior to the commencement of the fly/cruise. A 1.5% administration fee will be added to all payments made by Visa and Master Card. 3% administration charge will be added to payments by Amex and Diners Club cards. If fares and air taxes change due to government and airport regulations and currency fluctuations Travelrite International reserves the right to charge additional amounts.

Cancellation Charges:

Days prior to Departure Cancellation Fee
Over 90 days $900
90 - 61 days 50% of full fare
60 days or less 100% of full fare
Non appearance/no written notice 100% of full fare

The tour is based on arrangements that do not allow for any refunds in respect to sightseeing, accommodation, meals, airfare or other services not utilised after the tour has commenced. Travel Documents: All passengers will require a valid passport. If you are not an Australian passport holder, check with Travelrite International for visa requirements. Travel Insurance: Adequate travel insurance is highly recom-mended to cover cruise members for the consequences of unforeseen events during the cruise and for cancellation fees which could result from events such as illness, accident, death etc.

Passengers qualify for a 20kg free baggage allow-ance on flights to join or return from the cruise. Minimum Tour Numbers: The fly/cruise arrangements have been made on the basis of a minimum number of passengers travelling. In the event that less than the required number of passengers have confirmed their booking 120 days from the date of departure, Travelrite International reserve the right to cancel the tour, giving a full refund of monies paid, or offer arrangements to proceed with the tour at a modified fare.

Children under 5 years of age are ineligible on coach & cruise tours. Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Passengers with disabilities are welcome on Travelrite & Cruise Offers tours provided they are accompanied by a companion capable of providing all necessary assistance, and do not require special assistance from Travelrite & Cruise Offers personnel. Travelrite and Cruise Offers reserves the right to refuse to carry anyone if it is felt the individual cannot cope with the requirements of coach & cruise tour travel and who may require services and facilities that Travelrite & Cruise Offers cannot guarantee will be available. You agree to not hold the Travelrite & Cruise Offers responsible for any decision made by any of them or any service provider to refuse to carry you, provide any facilities or accommodation to you or to provide any service to you.

Travelrite International Pty Ltd is the tour organiser. Travelrite International Pty Ltd, its agents, officers, affiliates, and/or suppliers of services pursuant to or in connection with this fly/cruise shall act only as agents in making arrangements for hotels, transportation, including transportation by ship, restaurants, or any other service and do not assume any liability whatsoever for any injury, damage, death, loss, accident or delay to person or property due to an act of negligence or a default of any hotel, carrier restaurant company or person rendering any services included in fly/cruises, acts of terrorism, acts of God, acts of Government or any other authorities. Further, no responsibilities are accepted for any damage or delay due to sickness, pilferage, labour disputes, machinery breakdown, quarantine, government restraints, weather or other causes beyond their control. No respons-ibility is accepted for any additional expense, omission, delays, re-routing or acts of any government authority. Baggage is at owners risk throughout the fly/cruise. The passage contract between the carriers concerned when issued shall constitute the sole contract between the carriers and the purchasers of this fly/cruise and/or the passengers. The right is reserved to withdraw any fly/cruise and/or make such changes in the fly/cruise as may be found desirable or necessary for the convenience of the parties and the proper carrying out of the fly/ cruise. This contract shall be construed in accordance of the laws of the State of Victoria, Australia and any legal action must be undertaken in the State of Victoria. Attention is also directed to the terms and conditions of the fly/cruise passage contract with Celebrity Cruises, detailed on the back of the reservation form. If you do not have a copy of this form please contact us and we will send one to you.

How to Book:
Bookings can be made by completing a booking form and sending it with a deposit of $900 per person to:

Travelrite International Pty Ltd 423 Whitehorse Road Balwyn, Victoria 3103
Further information can be obtained by telephoning

Toll Free: 1800 630 343
Phone: (03) 9836 2522
Fax: (03) 9836 8068

About Travelrite International:
Travelrite International Pty Ltd (ABN 64 005 817 078) is a well-established travel company which has been marketing throughout Australia for over 30 years and operating in Victoria for more than 35 years. It has two fully ATAS (no. A10538) and IATA accredited offices at Balwyn and Heathmont. As such they directly represent the major airlines of the world and all major domestic and international hotel, tour and transport operators. Travelrite International Pty Ltd is a full member of Australian Federation of Travel Agents – AFTA.